A Memorial Day treat

Today we are to honor those who have preceeded us in death, so I'd like to give the best gift I can: the funniest quotes from the first two episodes of "Supergroup". I'm obsessed with this show; I think I might like it more than "Dog the Bounty Hunter". And that's saying a lot. Naturally, the quotes are Nuge-heavy, with a heaping helping of Sebastian bon mots on the side. Enjoy!

"I'll have to kill a bigger one than that, but thanks for your sacrifice, Bambi."—Nuge looking at a deer head mounted on the wall

"I've tilted my amps toward you just to cleanse your soul."—Nuge

"I had such a hard time keeping up with him; it's like chasing a gazelle."—bassist Evan Seinfeld after jogging with Sebastian

"So where was your last musical jihad?"—Nuge

"Me playing in a band with Ted Nugent is like playing in a band with Santa Claus."—Sebastian

"I feel like these guys deserve me."—Nuge

"Dude, we're in a band with Ted Nugent. The band should be called In A Band With Ted Nugent."—Evan

"I think we oughta be called Chesty Puller."—Nuge during a band name brainstorm

"Call your band Limp Bizkit if you want to be forgotten."—Evan

(A pretty blonde enters the room)
Blonde: I'm Danushka, your personal chef.
Nuge: That's funny that you're a chef because when you walked in I suddenly thought about eating something.

"You've got a nice ass, Sebastian."—Nuge

"I'm not a big goer-outer anymore."—drummer Jason Bonham turning down a night at a strip club

"I gotta cut [Ted] some slack 'cause he's a rock star. And he's the same age as my dad."—Evan on the Nuge

"I was in Anthrax. We didn't bring the strippers home; we just went to the club, spent all our money, and got on the bus with boners."—Scott Ian

"While they're out, I'm enjoying the finer things in life. Like having a good shit that destroys plumbing."—Nuge

"Obviously it's better to be on time and keep to a schedule. But it IS rock n' roll."—Evan

"I have to be at the top of my caffinated best to deal with Ted Nugent."—Sebastian

"Do we not have an obligation to drive those fucking people to foam at the mouth?"—Nuge on the Supergroup audience

Sebastian (to the stylist): What if you did something for me like the vampire Lestat?
Evan: That's really gay.

"I hope some the camera is picking up some of the cute Ted admirations."—Nuge on his icon status in the house

"Being a hunter is perfect. And the people who are against it are perfectly retarded."—Nuge

"I don't know what his attitude toward women is, but it's probably not very good. It's probably pretty caveman-esque."—personal chef Danushka on Nuge

"Celebutard!"—Sebastian suggesting a name for the band

"The word 'Fist' would look really cool in the KISS font."—Sebastian with another band name idea

"Would you just let me rock?"—Sebastian

"When I first got a computer, I just used it to look at porn. 'Ultimate Asses' is killer and all, but now you can make '18 and Life' in your living room."—Sebastian on modern technology

"I just hope we're not called Fist."—Jason returning to find a "Fist" demo CD waiting for him

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Lola said...

I love this show so much I can't stand it.
And I have a totl love/hate thing going with Sebastian. He's funny, and soem of his one liners are mesmerizing, but he's such a penis soemtimes.
Abd speaking of one-liners...thanks for the recap. They are REALLY quotable, aren't they?