And on the 8th day...god created RAWK

It's motherfucking Metal Month on VH1! And goddammit, it's ruining my life. There has been something good on every night, and because if it, I'm beginning to fear that after not hearing from me for a few weeks, someone will have my door broken down to find a dried-up skeleton laid out on the couch, remote clutched in hand. And the other hand will be making the metal devil horns hand gesture. At least I can try to do something "productive" by blogging about this stuff.

So, Sunday night we were graced with the premiere of the new most awesomest show on television: "Supergroup." I don't think I need to tell you much about it except Sebastian Bach, Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Jason Bonham and Evan Seinfeld live in a house together, write songs and perform a "supergroup" concert in a mere 12 days. But I will—I just have so much generous praise for this masterpiece.

I LOVE the Nuge. He's such a crazed kill-'em-'n-grill-'em republican, but the guy is hilarious and is viewed by the others in the house as an icon. Sebastian is the one that never shuts up, Evan is the gravelly-voiced porno freak, Jason is the sobered-up quiet one in the corner and Scott serves as the rational voice of the band. Highlights include: Evan and Sebastian jogging in slo-mo with Enya playing in the background, Sebastian suggesting "Celebutards" as a name for the band, Scott sitting paralyzed in a strip club pretending to be invisible so Meat Loaf won't strangle him (he's engaged to Meat's daughter Pearl) and the Nuge asking who wants to go to a strip club when you can take a giant shit on the toilet and destroy the plumbing. In other words: each and every second is loaded with pure awesome.

So if that wasn't badass enough, last night was the airing of the first installment of "The History of Metal", covering the first 10 years (Sabbath–KISS). Again, VH1 hits another home run for rock. We get classic concert clips, the story straight from the mouths of the likes of Tony Iommi, Lemmy, and Bruce Dickinson (yes, THE Bruce Dickinson), and commentary from other music journalists and stars—pretty much the standard VH1 style, only more in-depth. My one complaint was that for some reason Fred Durst was allowed to offer commentary.

I'd hate to think any of this was a waste of time, so just to hit that idea home, I am offering up the following clips of Sabbath playing "War Pigs" live in 1970, and Zeppelin performing "Black Dog" from "The Song Remains the Same." (By the way, this video was flagged as inappropriate by someone who I'm sure watched this on a Sunday and got a woody. Shit, I'm a chick and I got a woody.) Anyway, these are proof positive that there is no time wasted with rock.


Lord Grimsmear said...

Bruce Dickinson talking about the history of metal is the best argument for me getting cable I think I've ever heard. I grew up on Maiden during his years and he helped me embrace the barbarian within. ("Oh boy, sleep! That's when I'm a Viking!").
And the Sabbath video is awesome--thanks for linking to it.

Lola said...

I've been loving every minute of it.
It's rocker chick heaveb. And how about "Supergroup"? Train wreck!