I'm in a shitty mood and I'm taking it out on my blog

Since I'm in a bad mood, I'm going to make you all suffer with me—so I'm doing ANOTHER Britney post. Two in a row! Ahahahahaha!

Anyhoo, I read today that Britney had to send out her security team to stop Federline from getting little Sean Preston's ears pierced. What a harpy! She's always butting in on crucial father/son bonding time. Like the time she freaked out when K-Fed blew pot smoke in SP's face—he was just trying to teach his son the importance of sharing! And then there was that time she got upset when Kev took the kid to the dog races. What's the big deal? Sean loves doggies! The worst was when she put the breaks on K-Fed's plan to get SP his very own "Pimp" tattoo. Those African tribes always tattoo and brand babies and shit. Plus, Sean Preston needs to learn how to be a man. Lighten the fuck up, bitch.


Lola said...

I totally agree. Start tattooing the baby now, so he'll have something EXTRA to hate them for later. I figure baby-Fed will go postal on Mom and Pop as soon as his lil fingers can grab a beer can and chuck it. Perhaps he can get "DON'T HATE THE PLAYA" on his forehead.

macattack said...

Brit is an over bearing bitch, almost waspy in comparison to kfed's trashiness. I'm sure baby Preston would totes consent to said tatoo if he was old enough to speak english.