More Mayhem: It just keeps getting weirder

If this blog has taught me anything, it's that the depths of my obsessiveness knows no bounds. Exhibit A: my endless morbid fascination with Mayhem. Here are some more super-fun facts I dug up:

• A couple of years ago, a fan suffered a skull fracture after being hit by a flying disembodied sheep's head that the band launched off the stage. After the accident, the fan was quoted as saying, "My relationship with sheep is a bit ambivalent now. I like them, but not when they come flying through the air. I have a headache now."

• Necrobutcher's real name is "Jorn Stubberud" and his previous bands were called Vomit and Fleshwound.

• At his murder trial, the always-appropriate Count Grishnackh wore his hair in pigtails and giggled during the proceedings.

• Count Crapula wasn't sure how he was going to kill Euronymous, so he brought along three knives, an ax, a ball bat and a BAYONET with him. Where in the world do you even get a freaking bayonet? Anyway, the next day the douchebag dressed up in full Viking regalia and showed off the murder weapon to whoever was in his path. Finally, a band of satan's cheerleaders that he bragged to ratted him out. Tattletales.

• Dead's suicide note read, "Excuse all the blood."

• Mayhem took their name from the song "Mayhem With Mercy" by the band Venom.

• Euronymous fancied himself an evil scientist of sorts and even kept a bunch of illegal chemicals in his basement that he would mix together while laughing manically. He walked around in a lab coat trying to come up with mixtures that would cause explosions.

• Euryonmous's record label was called Deathlike Silence Records.

• When he owned the record store, Euronymous threw some legendary parties, during which all the little goths would sit around in capes and Viking outfits, cutting themselves, while Euronymous flogged himself with a bullwhip. Then he would bring out popcorn and sodas for everyone and they would all lay on overstuffed pillows and watch "Halloween II" and talk about which black metal guys they think are cutest.

You know, I used to have a dream tour bus crash that would wipe out Sugar Ray, Smashmouth and Coldplay in one fell swoop, but now I think I would rather see a deathmatch between these guys and Mayhem. That would be so awesome. They could come out and knock Mark McGrath, Chris Martin and that singer from Smashmouth's heads together and then take pictures of the carnage for their next album cover. All these bands that think they are hardcore have nothing on Mayhem.


chantal chanel said...

Actually, it's the Count who looks like the guy I used to date - not Euronymous, and it's that creepy club-weilding picture that looks the most like the guy! AYYYY!


Lola said...

Excellent random info-a sheep's head? AWESOME! and they've been banned in foreign countries? Lame, lame, lame.