Read yesterday's post first, you cheater!

By popular demand, here are the answers to yesterday's '80s heavy metal quiz! Now, don't cheat. Take the quiz first and THEN you can look here.

I said DON'T CHEAT! I mean it. God is watching.

1. In an infamous upset, the totally un-metal Jethro Tull walked away with the 1989 Grammy controversially beating out Metallica's blistering performance of "One", the favorite in the category. In response to the criticism they received over the award, the band then took out an ad in a British newspaper to proclaim, "The flute is a heavy metal instrument!"

2. Gene Simmons' real name is Chaim Klein Witz.

3. "God Bless the Children of the Beast" was not on the list, but the Crue's "Bastard" was.

4. Skid Row was on tour opening for Guns N' Roses when "Slave To The Grind" relased at the top of the charts on June 11, 1991.

5. Believe it or not, Lars originally moved to L.A. to pursue a career as a tennis pro, when he met guitarist James Hetfield and formed Metallica. Lars' father Torben (who looks disturbingly like Gandolf) was the number-one ranked seniors tennis player in the world in the mid-70s.

6. Janet Gardener of Vixen is alive and well. Slaughter's Tim Kelly was killed in a car accident in 1998; Steve Clark's alcoholism caught up with him in 1991; and Ty Longley was one of 99 people who perished in a tragic nightclub fire in 2003.

7. "I was driving a septic-tank truck. I thought I'd be driving trucks all my life. I was a slow comer. I never dreamed of growing up and being a rock star. I used to be a shy guy, but when I started singing, I felt right at home."—Jeff Keith of Tesla

8. My boys GN'R did it: "Sweet Child" hit number one in '88, "Patience" peaked at number four a year later, and "Don't Cry" slid in at number 10 in '91.

9. The "big four of Thrash" are: Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer...not Dokken.

10. D—"Rocket Queen" is the last song on "Appetite For Destruction," but unfortunately some 15-year-old who posted once in 2001 got the coveted rocketqueen.blogspot.com moniker, hence the altered spelling. "Here I am, your RockitQueen. I might be a little young, but honey I ain't naive." Rock!!

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