Modern master or serial slasher?

So don't ask me how I came up with this (too much "American Justice" is my guess), but somehow my brain that is clogged with molten hops and bong resin has dreamed up a super-fun art game! Introducing: 20th CENTURY GREAT or SERIAL KILLER?!?! *rim shot!* The rules are simple: match the following works to the artist—is it a renowned modern-era master or is it a jailed psycho with a thirst for human blood? You decide! Let's see how you do....don't scroll down for the answers until you've given it a shot.









A.) Angelo Buono, one half of the "Hillside Strangler" murder team responsible for five deaths in 1977 Los Angeles
B.) Elmer Wayne Henley, teen accomplice of Dean Corill, who killed 27 boys in Texas in the early '70s
C.) Damien Hirst, the second-highest paid living artist in the world today, next to Jasper Johns
D.) Henry Lee Lucas, perhaps the most prolific serial murder in the United States (he's claimed more than 300 victims)
E.) Charles Manson, infamous cult leader and orchestrator of the brutal murders of nine
F.) Grandma Moses, American folk artist and national treasure who produced paintings up to and beyond her 100th birthday
G.) Georgia O'Keeffe, influential painter widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century
H.) Mark Rothko, Depression-era impressionist credited with helping to usher in the Pop Art phenomenon of the 1960s

For the record, I really don't have a point here. I just thought it would be funny. If I was trying to make a point I would have linked to Damien Hirst's website and made some dramatic statements about how at least the serial killers didn't slay something in order to make the art. I hate you, Damien Hirst, and the animals do, too. Maybe we should sic the Animal Militia on him so they can hopefully make his life a living hell. You're a hack, Hirst, do you hear me? A FUCKING HACK!!!

So I guess there is a point to all this after all: I realized how much of a blind hatred I have for Damien Hirst and his ilk. And that I am officially now going to hell for including Grandma Moses in all of this madness. She's just a sweet little old lady who does not deserve to be listed next to the likes of Damien Hirst.

How did you do anyway? Let's find out!

(1.) A—Angelo Buono (2.) G—Georgia O'Keeffe (3.) B—Elmer Wayne Henley (4.) H—Mark Rothko (5.) E—Charles Manson (6.) D—Henry Lee Lucas (7.) F—Grandma Moses (8.) C—Damien Hirst (the fucker)


Lola said...

I got three right...how the hell did I suck so badly?
I am sucko.
Excellent blog-again.

Karen said...

Hey, I didn't do very well. And I took all that art history in college a thousand years ago, plus 2 quarters of criminology.