Red Warszawa ærgre sig gul og grøn!

That means "Red Warszawa kick themselves"—in Danish! Doesn't it look funny? What a stupid-looking alphabet!

I'm totally kidding, of course. I'm quite charmed by the Danish language (alcohol is "alkohol"!) and by the Denmarkians (Danes?) themselves. In fact, my new favorite band is from Denmark: the aforementioned Red Warszawa. Why? Several reasons, all involving alveolo-palatal fricatives, uvular fricatives, As with little circles over them and Os with lines through them. So cute!

1. The band members:
"Lækre" Jens (SANG)—translation: "Hot/Sexy" Jens
Måtten Møbelbanker (SLAGTØJ)
My Tight Ass (BASS GEDDAR)
Heavy-Hennin (GEDDAR)

There have also been 21 other members of the band since their start in 1987. On "geddar" and other instruments. By the way, My Tight Ass is pictured above in his stage outfit. Based on this photo (and that his name is My Tight Ass), you can't tell me this band isn't all kinds of kickass.

2. "Norsk Black Metal"
I actually discovered these guys when I was trying to dig up some hilarious black metal goodies on YouTube and this video popped up. Well, just watch it...

3. Just look at the names of these songs:
• Skyd Sven ("Shoot Sven")
• Hævi mætal og hass ("Heavy Metal and Hash"
• Skal vi lege doktor? ("Want To Play Doctor?")
• Tysk hudindustri ("German Skin Industry")
• Return of the Glidefedt ("Return of the Personal Lubricant")

There is a tantalizing lack of info on Red Warszawa at my disposal, which makes me all the more intrigued.

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Надя said...

That doesn't mean "Red Warszawa kick themselves".