Free Dog!

We here at Stupid & Contagious (i.e. me) are big supporters of Dog the Bounty Hunter and if you haven't heard, his little scrape with the Mexican law has become more like a gash in the last couple of days. What we shouldn't fail to remember is that Dog & Co. captured a guy who made a run for the border with more than 80 COUNTS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT on his head. Gee, sorry, for taking that scumbucket away from the cushy Max Factor-heir lifestyle he was leading down there in Puerto Villarta where he was most likely still dropping roofies in drinks and attacking god-only-knows how many others. Oh yeah, and he's now currently serving a 124-year prison term for rape.

Show your support for Dog, Tim and Leland Chapman by signing this petition. DO IT! Let's get the good guys out of prison and back to Hawaii to keep up the good work. Dog rocks!

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