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From the Darkness on the Edge of Town podcast, 10/11 episode, from an interview with Denise Jones, whose son was the inspiration for the "I see dead people" kid from "The Sixth Sense"

Host: So your son has seen the Archangel Michael?
Denise: Yes, he has. [snip] He told me he was barefoot, he had a white cloth that was a little dirty wrapped around him, shoulder length dirty blonde hair and the hugest nose he said he had ever seen in his entire life.
Host: Are you sure he wasn't seeing Owen Wilson?

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Cosmic Connie said...

"Icy dead people"...isn't that how the movie "Titanic" ended? [Groan]

Hey, don't be so sure the lady's kid isn't seeing Archangel Michael. Michael's been communicating with lots of folks lately. In fact, I get emails from him just about every day. I also get emails from Saint Germain, The Divine Mother, and various Ascended Masters. Or at least I get emails from people who are working directly with these luminaries.

I can't say for sure how Archangel Michael looks, but Saint Germain looks kind of like a gay teenage boy, and he apparently is messing around with some drag queen named Violet Flame. Some lady who claims to be working directly with them is always trying to sell me products that will raise my vibratory level. But I have plastic accessories that do that just fine.