Pride: the sin we all let slide

How do you like my cool new header? Pretty sweet, isn't it? I did it all by myself! Just preparing the blog for impending fame. Anyone who would like to advertise on S&C can just leave me a comment or something and I'll get back to ya.

The financial crisis has me in a major twist lately, as it has many people. Thus, I urge you to support the Financial Crisis Half Marathon, which will be held in Cowtown on October 20. Support for this race means you are a true American and a professional thwarter. I'll be there, with my AK-47 in tow, wearing an American flag bikini. Made out of a real American flag! Take THAT, bureacracy! Pew, pew!

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Anonymous said...

God bless America! Fight the power by
running away! The new header is sicker than Patrick Swayze!