A lower level of consciousness

So I got another piece of hate mail! I'm so excited! Actually, it's less hate mail and more "You're wrong and you're an idiot and here's why" mail. The best part is that it is in regards to my snarky assessment of DNA activation from way back in March. I knew that would get the new-agers riled up! For people that are allegedly so enlightened and connected with the universe, they sure are testy.

I actually received this a while ago and posted it right away (as double-dog dared by the author), but didn't really get around to commenting on it until now. I had originally planned to reply to each of "Jake's" points with the appropriate spelling corrections, wry assessment, and basic scientific theory, but decided instead to just post it for all to enjoy and to draw your own conclusions. Here it is in its entirety (note: I added line breaks for easier reading 'cause I love you):

It is ammusing but also sad to see how disconnected to the true reality we live in most people are. Their is much information now out on DNA activation, higher dimensional and sensory awareness, and higher vibrational states.

Take the wave length of infrared, x-ray or gamma ray for instance: these exist in higher frequency, science tells us they do exist, yet we can not see them. Do you ever stop to wonder WHY we do not see them? Have you not considered that our perceptions are restricted to 3 dimensions of awareness because we only have 2.5 - 3.5 strands of the corresponding DNA strands active at present? Or have you just accepted that we can not see these things because we can not see them? If this is indeed the case, and we are restricted to this level of awareness, then it is understandable why there would be such sceptisism yet that does not mean we can not grasp the concept and look into it further.

Take a look around with even one of your eyes and you will see how much bullshit there is in the world. And people accept it, because they are not aware of anything greater. If you opened up to and set your intent to receiving higher dimensional awareness, you would then give yourself the chance to realise something else and gain an outline of what is really going on with our planet right now.

You would then also start to understand and have the deepest respect for people like Toby Alexander, the modern day heros who despite the ignorant criticisms, stand strong and do the work that they are here for. Only a fool comments on someting they know nothing about. I would challenge you to leave this feedback so other readers have something else to consider.
With love and respect. Jake

It's tempting for me to accuse "Jake" of actually being Fake Doctor Toby Alexander himself, especially considering they very suspiciously spell "sceptic" the same way. But that's catty and I want this guy to know that I'm honestly touched that he took the time to tell me off. And I thought you all would like to read what he had to say, in case you missed the original posting of this note in the comments section. What can I say? My aura's tarnished and I totally deserve it!

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