UPDATE: Schooled on Spicoli (kind of)

So I've been stood corrected on yesterday's post, but with stipulation. Already the nine degrees of separation between the two Spicolis has been whittled down to a mere three. Observe:

Sean Penn is in The Thin Red Line with
John Travolta, who's in Look Who's Talking with
Kirstie Alley, who's in Summer School with
Dean Cameron

Very impressive and all fine and good, HOWEVER, I used only people who starred in either the Fast Times movie or TV series, because it's kind of funny to see how incestuous Hollywood really is, especially when it comes to shitty TV. So, anyway, since Dean Cameron was in Summer School with Courtney Thorne-Smith, can we then connect Courtney with a Fast Times alum in Look Who's Talking? There's your assignment. Dazzle me.

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Lola said...

This requires thinking, and I'm not at liberty to do that at this time.