He's here, he's queer...and he's a robot

I'm going to be honest—I'm going through another rut. For the last couple of weeks, I've been experiencing an almost abnormal lack of motivation when it comes to blogging. It's not that I don't care; I just think I've fallen victim to seasonal affective disorder. For those of you who don't know, us Ohioans don't see that warm, glorius ball o' flames in the sky known as the sun pretty much from November to March straight. It's highly depressing. People get really bitchy and turn into hermits. The good thing is that we haven't had any snow to speak of yet, and my fingers are crossed that Cowtown could possibly get the first drift-free winter ever. I don't care what Al Gore says; I think global warming is a good thing, if it will get rid of the dreaded "wintery mix" once and for all.

However, a little ray of sunshine did come into my life in the last week: Gay Robot. Here's the plot outline of the first ep: "At the Alpha Tau Kappa fraternity on the Central Illinois University campus, lives Professor Edwards' creation... Gay Robot. Like the men of ATK, Gay Robot is just looking for love. When his fraternity brothers Tito, Rick and Marty attempt to set him up with a compatible suitor and fail miserably, Gay Robot is left to his own devices to find a date for the formal dance."

Yeah, it's only the best thing ever. As a tantalizing treat, the pilot episode of this upcoming Comedy Central series been released onto Myspace; I've managed to embed it right here so you don't have to do any more time-consuming clicking. It's got the talent of "Reno 911", the smarts of "Chapelle's Show" and the all-kinds-of-wrongness of "Strangers With Candy". Get ready to laugh your ass off. (NSFW)

Gay Robot

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karen said...

That was the most assenine thing I've ever seen. Whoever invented that program needs their wiring short circuited.