More to the Corey story

In light of The Haimster's death, lots of interesting stories about his love life are starting to trickle out. Did you ever really want to know about this? Trust me, it's fucking fascinating!

First, Jezebel scored an interview with Lala Zappa (is her name really Lala Sloatman? I always thought it was Zappa), the girl 13-year-old Rockit never met, but used to hate because she dated Corey. She even mentions Alphie's Soda Pop Club in the interview. God, my little friends and I used to dream about hanging out at that place with all the cool kids like Andre Gower from The Monster Squad and Nicole Eggart and that other girl from Charles In Charge. The interview is a real eye-opener, as it turns out Lala was really, really insecure during that time period. Stars: they're just like us!

Next: did you know Corey dated Victoria "Posh" Beckham before she was in the Spice Girls?? How did that happen?? And she apparently cheated on him with someone who wasn't Becks.

Last and perhaps of most interest to regular S&C readers: Corey was most recently dating none other than Daisy "Alexis Arquette" De La Hoya from our favorite show Rock of Love!! Apparently, the two were introduced by Feldman and had recently had their first date at the Playboy mansion. Yesterday, she Tweeted: "I'm sooooooo devastated right now. This is the worst day ever I can't believe this." She also wrote, "Why do I always fall for the lost soul? We could of been lost together, now your lost forever.... Ill miss you."

See? Fascinating! The secret side of Corey Haim...one we didn't see in his legendary fan video Me, Myself & I.

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