Good night, Haimster

Today is a sad day. Poor Corey!

Jezebel put together this very nice and nostalgic teen dream scrapbook of Corey's most memorable roles (I can't believe they left out Roomies, which has the best, most cheestastic theme song ever, but whatever). I still bawl every time he fucks up the football game in Lucas.

What is going on in Hollywood? Brittany Murphy, Andrew "Boner" Koening and now Corey? I find it interesting that both Brittany and Corey were experiencing "flu-like symptoms" right before they died. What does it all mean?

No matter what it means, I know spent a good part of the day feeling bad about making fun of him several times on this very blog. I remember getting just about every super centerfold issue of Bop, Teen Beat and The Big Bopper (they had the BIG posters) to decorate my room with Corey and watching The Lost Boys and License To Drive until I had them entirely memorized. And I hated Alyssa Milano and Lala Zappa because they both dated Corey. A little piece of my junior high world is now gone.

Here's to you, Corey Haim. RIP

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