Feather for Farrah

We've lost another television queen today. Farrah Fawcett passed away after a particularly nasty battle with cancer. In honor of this Hollywood legend, I've feathered my hair.

If you've never seen The Burning Bed, be sure to check it out. Farrah is awesome in it.

UPDATE: I will not be blowing out my hair in honor of Jacko, FYI.

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Steve Salerno said...

You know, there's an early two-part miniseries she did, Murder in Texas, that's never mentioned as part of Farrah's filmography, and I thought she was excellent in it, presaging the surprising depth and believability she later showed in the likes of Burning Bed and Extremities. She really gave life to the character (from the true-crime book by Tommy Thompson, one of my favorite writers in those days). In fact, it was because of that book that I later decided to do my own foray into true-crime, Deadly Blessing (which later became a TV movie starring Susan Dey).

Murder in Texas is never on TV anymore, but some video stores stock it--and who knows, maybe LMN or TBS or one of the off-stations will decide to dredge it up in honor of Farrah's passing.