It's official: this blog is going places. Don't worry, I'll remember all of you when I get super-famous—I promise.

What am I getting all bent out of shape over?

Well, folks, it's because probably the LAST person I ever would have imagined not only read my blog but left me a message!

Who would that be, you ask?

Why none other than DEREK FUCKING GILBERT OF P.I.D. RADIO!!!!

Not only that, but the note was good-natured about what was essentially a really mean post, which is quite cool. Anyway, check out Derek's comment for yourself. He's an impeccable speller.

(And speaking of The Jerk, now I kind of feel like one.)


Anonymous said...

I am weirdly proud of you. Way to go, sweetie! You never know who's watching you...

EW said...

You’re such a class act. By the way, if you think finally becoming "somebody" is exciting, just wait till you find your "special purpose". The Luciferians helped me find my “special purpose” and it was a paradigm shifting experience.

Nissa said...

That is cool he is such a good sport! I think you redeemed yourself by having the decency to feel bad about it LOL

Lola said...

You ARE a rockstar goddess, and i am in awe.