I'm still here

Stupid & Contagious HQ is in the process of being moved to bigger and better media complex, thus I have been out of pocket and will be for another week or so. 

But never fear, as I will be back very soon with more bitching about a myriad of topics of interest to maybe two people.

In the meantime, keep it real, bitches.


edagerwinterwhitetrash said...

Hey Rockit queen, now you have THREE peoples reading your blog..once again I'm a day late and a dollar short but i just finished reading
"Knockemsiff" by Donald ray Pollack. Holly sh*t, it's the story of my life...can you read it and comment?
dank U wel

RockitQueen said...

Thanks, ewwt! I own "Knockemstiff"! It's amazing, shocking, sad, awesome, a million different things. It's difficult to find a fiction book that makes you feel disgusted and awed at the same time. The story about the child killer with the dead snake freaked me out to no end.

Pollack's story is really something, if you haven't heard it already. I believe he was a factory laborer who went to college late in life and was encouraged by a prof to try to get his stories published.

I think how he depicted the reality of a small, blue-collar town, ravaged by drugs and desperation, while still showing an obvious love and respect for the area is really unique. Awesome book. Thanks again for commenting and for asking my opinion!

edagerwinterwhitetrash said...

Hey! I just finished "The Devil all The Time" by DRP. I will assume you have read it as well?
As always I'd like your take cause this one will creep you out to no end!
When do you start blogging again?

RockitQueen said...

ewwt, I was just reading about DRP's new book and I am going to have to buy it. It sounds amazing. I was looking at his website and loved this review line: “You may be repelled, you may be shocked, you will almost certainly be horrified, but you will read every last word.” Exactly how I felt about Knockemstiff. Can't wait to read what DRP has in store.

I promise I will start back up again with blog posts very soon. I have a few in the works. By the end of October, you'll be asking me to shut the fuck up. :-)